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Why Everyone’s Talking About Zero Proof Cocktails

April 19, 2023

As society becomes more educated about health and nutrition, we’re all asking new questions about the connections between what we put into our bodies and our overall wellness. Recently, the place of alcohol in our lives has joined the conversation, and there’s an undeniable surge in the “sober curious” movement.

You might be seeing new, non-alcoholic spirits popping up in the liquor section at the grocery store or hearing about non-alcoholic bars popping up in major cities.

So what’s happening out there? Well, beyond the occasional “Sober October” or “Dry January”, scores of people are now actively cutting back or abstaining from booze altogether as a long-term, healthy lifestyle choice.

Could this trend mark the end of nightlife as we know it? Not if non-alcoholic (otherwise known as zero proof) beverages and spirits have anything to do with it!

What are Zero Proof Spirits?

Most people are familiar with non-alcoholic beer and even alcohol-removed wines, but zero proof spirits are a newer addition to the market. These are often (although not always) created by distilling botanicals using alcohol to extract flavor.

Then, they’re re-distilled to remove the alcohol, allowing you to enjoy your favorite margarita or old fashioned with none of the negative effects of regular booze!


But what’s the point?

While it’s a common misconception that the entire point of drinking cocktails is to catch a buzz, that’s not always the case. There are so many reasons people are reaching for zero proof options:

  1. They taste good! – There’s nothing quite like a margarita with your tacos or a mojito by the pool. People drink cocktails because they taste good! There’s no reason why choosing to abstain from alcohol means you’re relegated to a life of nothing but club soda when out with your friends.

  2. No negative after affects – Obviously, no one likes being hungover, but having even just one or two drinks affects your sleep, dehydrates you, and leaves you feeling bleh the next day. Zero proof cocktails allow you to enjoy a night out with friends and still wake up fresh as a daisy the next morning. Plus, think of all the money you can save on Ubers!

  3. Protecting one’s sobriety journey – There are hundreds of reasons why someone may choose to not drink alcohol, and none of them are anyone else’s business. Perhaps they’re allergic. They could be in recovery, or maybe they’re prioritizing physical health. Whatever the reason, zero proof cocktails allow non-drinkers to enjoy their night out while avoiding pesky, “Why aren’t you drinking?” inquiries.

  4. Drinking to your health – While most spirits are vegan, alcohol as a whole isn’t always suitable for people trying to follow a whole food plant-based diet. Even moderate drinking can rob you of rest, increase your heartrate, and mess with your hydration levels. Turns out, there’s no need to compromise your overall health when there are so many zero proof options out there!

Where can I get Zero Proof spirits??

Zero proof spirits are becoming more ubiquitous day by day. Here’s just a short list of some of the leaders in the space to check out. All can be found online and many brands are available right there in your favorite adult beverage shop!

Ritual Non Alcholic

Ritual Zero Proof

Ritual’s spirits are not actually distilled, thereby excluding alcohol from any stage of creation. Instead, they’re carefully crafted to give great flavor without the use of alcohol for extraction. They have multiple varieties of spirits to choose from and have won several awards!



Seedlip specializes in distinct blends of herbs and aromatics to deliver unique and delicious alcohol alternatives, plus they contain no sugar! You can shop their site for individual products as well as full cocktail kits.


Spiritless is a female owned company that offers zero proof spirits (made using traditional distillation and alcohol removal process) as well as cocktail kits and premade zero proof cocktails!

Zero Proof Nightlife

While these are all great options to enjoy at home or bring to a party, there’s nothing quite like having a few drinks at the bar with friends. Luckily, for all you social butterflies, zero proof bars are popping up across the county.

Not only do zero proof bars provide a safe space to socialize alcohol-free, they also specialize in booze free bevs!

You can rest assured that you can choose from a list of exciting options instead of rolling the dice with whatever non-alcoholic beer has been sitting in the back of the fridge for a year.

Head on over to Zero Proof Nation to find a zero proof bar near you!

Pair your zero proof cocktail with a delicious plant-based entrée!

At Whole Harvest Kitchen, we want to provide a fun, inclusive environment for everyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why in addition to our extensive menu of 100% whole food plant-based meals and our diverse menu of coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic beverages, we’ll also be offering a wide array of zero proof cocktails at our bar!

We can’t wait to help you pair the perfect zero proof cocktail with any of our whole food plant-based entrees when our first restaurant opens in summer ’23 in Kansas City!

Visit our website to sign up for our mailing list and be the first to know when we open!

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